Picture Puzzles by Colin

These work just like the little puzzles I used to get at the dime store as a kid, or for that matter, like the Desk Accessory that used to come installed on Macintoshes. Slide the little tiles around to un-scramble the picture.

 4 by 4 Puzzles:

  3 by 3 Puzzles

To start playing, click on one of these images. You'll get a larger scrambled version of that picture. Start clicking on individual tiles to slide them around and un-scramble the image. The 4 by 4 puzzles have more pieces and are therefore harder. After the first page, the updates will go pretty quickly because all the pieces should be cached by your browser.

I wrote this program in early '96. This was the first real cgi program I ever wrote. It was fun and I still think this is kinda neat, but I rarely have the patience to actually finish the puzzle. I'm hoping that I'll create some more interesting games in the future.

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